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Thru much prayer, God opened the door to move MPF out of our home & into a great temp building in Downtown Nashville.  Which helped us become more centrally located for Middle Tenn!  The OutCentral building held 125, Praise God!  We could only seat 5 in our living room, the Lord blessed us with 120 more chairs!  OutCentral was an amazing open minded Cultural Center!  They welcomed us with open hearts & minds!  We were home for the time being.  Yet, still wanted a Church building environment.

Our next place of worship started Oct. 2nd 2011 at the Hobson UMC Chapel!  Hobson was conveniently located at 1107 Chapel Ave in East Nashville, Tn. It was a wonderful home, but late in Dec 2012 the Church was sold. 

Then our next place of Worship from 1/6/13-10/2022 was inside: Church of the Living Water at 731 S. Dickerson Pike Goodlettsville 37072! We were so very excited for our new home! There was a lot of parking space & we used the fellowship hall.  God Bless CLW for opening their Church to us, we were so blessed!

Where are we located?  *Starting Nov. 6th, 2022 
We meet every Sunday at 3pm 
Inside: First Presbyterian Church
801 Jones Street Old Hickory Tn 37138
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